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The best of Black & Skabuddah
"Still alive in Key West"
 Bone Island Bamba
 Nothing Ever Stays the Same
 Take Me Back
 This Old Town
 The Human Race
 Don't Lie to Me
 Just my Fate
 Name of the Game
 The Remedy
 Vain Boy
 She's Whining
 Funk You

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”Alive in Key West” is recorded 'live'. Come join us for more fun!
 Sunny Afternoon
 Here Comes the Sun
 Southern Cross
 Into the Mystic
 Take Me Back
 Pirate Looks at Forty
 Dock of the Bay
 This Old Town
 Banana Republic
 San Francisco Blues

“KWFLA”'s title track was used on the Official Fantasyfest Video in 2002. This Old Town and Lovin' Touch are currently being aired on 104.1 in Key West.
 This Old Town
 Lovin' Touch
 Friday Night
 I Promise
 She's Whinin'/He's a Showoff
 Funk You (Bonus Track)

“Under Your Spell” was released on a small indie label in New York in 1995 and The Remedy has aired on many college radio stations in the country. The Human Race received a Billboard Certificate of Achievement and You’ll Always Be The One was honored by the Nashville Songwriters Contest.
 Without You
 The Human Race
 Don't Walk Away
 Ever Since
 Restless Heart
 Under Your Spell
 New York City
 New Fellin'
 Name of the Game
 The Remedy
 No Way
 You'll Always Be The One

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